Custom Flag Design

We have various flag sizes and materials that can use depending on how you use them. All sizes are available for indoor and outdoor flags.

Choosing Your Flag Size

We are the makers of some of the most impressive flagpoles on the planet. Our expertise includes designing for wind load and stunning displays. The size of your flag is an essential factor in selecting a suitable material. Flag experts agree that the flag should measure 1/4 to 1/3 of the height of the pole. A 12m flagpole would require a UAE flag size of 1.5×3 m and 2×4 m for daily use.

Choosing Your Flag Material

The Middle East’s weather conditions require strong materials that can withstand heat and winds. A satin flag may look nice initially, but it might not last in the climate. Although no outdoor flag is guaranteed to last forever, The Baba has conducted extensive testing and trials in actual flying conditions with various materials to determine which ones work best in what environments. We know which flag materials are most durable and which ones will not fade. Both nylon and polyester-based materials are available. They have been treated to resist sunlight fading. Ask our experts to help you choose the suitable material for your application.

Choosing Your Flag Design

The Baba’s flag tailors can produce intricate flags by stitching together different material colors to create the desired design or adding detailed embroidery to embellish a flag. This technique of “stitching & embroidery” makes a vital flag and is used by most countries. The flag can be printed either in its entirety or in part. If the flag has a complex design or logo, it may also be sewn. For small quantities, custom work, a digitally printed flag works best. A screen-printed flag, however, is more cost-effective for larger orders.

There are also different types of flags like Aluminium, Fiberglass, Stainless steel, and various types of materials are available in flag poles. You can book your order through thebaba.ae official site or offline.

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