Designing Your Custom T-Shirt Through Printing with The Baba UAE

T-shirts have become increasingly popular in recent years, so you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd by wearing one. There are all types of T-shirts available in the market today. You can see many people wearing plain T-shirts, and others wearing custom printed T-shirts. Numerous people wear T-shirts that are not found in the market. Such t-shirts are custom-made T-shirts, or you can say customized t-shirts.
You can get your design of the T-shirt printing. It will be a unique t-shirt that will be different from others. T-shirt printing uses mesh screens to create design stencils, and ink is forced through the openings to create the design on the printing surface. The first step is to create the design that needs to be printed. When the invention has been approved, the plan in the form of art is approved; it has to be printed on clear sheets. Each color has a different sheet and screen. For example, if you want to have a design that has five color t-shirt, there would be five screens.
When the design has been printed, you will have to cover the silkscreen with a photo-sensitive emulsion and put the clear sheet and the screen on a vacuum light table where the design is burned into the net. This process is done for all the artwork or plans you have created. After this is over, the screens are washed out with a pressure washer and dried. When the screens have been dried, they are put on a rotating press machine that allows up to 6 screens/colors printed on a shirt. Then, the printer aligns the design and places ink on the screen. After this process is over, a squeegee diffuses the ink through the openings in the net. Once one layer is on the printed surface, the printer uses a flash heater to dry each layer of ink. Then, when all layers are on the printed surface, it needs to be heated to 300 degrees, and then the product is finished. Finally, the screens are washed clean and ready to repeat the process.
So as you know, it is a time-consuming process, but it gives you a unique T-shirt that will be envied by everyone whenever you wear it. It has become a fashion now to wear T-shirts having your custom design. Such designs are fashionable. You’ll find a T-shirt here that you’ll wear for years to come!

If you need a quote, you can either get one on our website or call us at 1-866-746-6727. We’re always happy to help out!
Why are you waiting for? Design your own T-Shirt at The Baba today!

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