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Introduction to Flags Dubai

Flags Dubai is a resource for flag information in the United Arab Emirates. Event Branding solutions in UAE provide Flag Etiquette, Flag History, Flag Code of Ethics and more.

flags dubai

The Flag of the Dubai

In Dubai, there will be many kinds of flags. The UAE flag, which is displayed in most areas of the city, is the most widely used type of flag. There are also custom flags in Dubai provided by the best event branding solutions in the UAE called thebbaba.ae. They provide different types of custom flags.

The flag of the United Arab Emirates in popular culture

Identical solid lines of green, white, and black make up the United Arab Emirates’ tricolour national flag. A red trapezoid that penetrates the green and white stripes is present on the hoist side of the flag.

A similar flag used during the Egyptian revolution of 1952 had three stars in the middle band representing Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. The stars were removed from this version of the flag after the unification of these countries into a single state in 1958.

The reasons for the adoption of specific colours on flags often have more to do with regional traditions than with any specific meaning. However, some colours do have recognised symbolic value. Green usually represents life and growth; white purity and innocence; black death and mourning; and red blood and vigour

The Flag of Dubai

The Flag of Dubai is the flag of the Emirate of Dubai, which is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. The capital of the emirate and the biggest and most populated city in the UAE is Dubai. The flag was adopted on December 2, 1971, and it consists of a red background with a white disk in the center. The flag has been used since the formation of the UAE in 1971, and it was designed by a committee headed by Abdulrahman al-Owais.


As you can see, there are many different types of flags available in Dubai, each with their own unique design. You’re sure to find the ideal custom flag from the best flagpole suppliers in the UAE to represent your nation or business, whether you’re looking for a custom flag or something more contemporary.

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