Mini Instant Sterilizer-6348-460

AED70.00 inc. Vat

Mini Instant Sterilizer-6348-460

Product Name: Mini instant UVC lamp
Power: 0.4w
Output voltage: 5V
Net weight: 3g
Input voltage: DC3.7V
Gross weight: 20g
Product size: 30 * 10 * 15mm
Packing size: 90 * 70 * 16mm

Mini Instant Sterilizer-6348-460

Mini Instant Sterilizer-6348-460

Main applications:
1. Household products, kitchenware, washing tools, etc., to meet the sterilization needs of people at home and on business.

2. Bacteria are still growing after cleaning baby products, pacifiers, toys, dining tables and chairs. Take a picture with an instant sterilizer, and the DNA of bacteria and viruses will be destroyed instantly.

3. Take precautions for going out, such as bus handrails, public toilets, shopping carts and minor wounds.

4. Office environment, keyboard and mouse, cash register keyboard, telephone headset, conference room supplies, etc.

5. Carry on items, watches, jewelry, various cards, key bags, etc.
All in all, the horicreate micro instant UVC lamp is small in appearance and widely used to deal with bacteria and viruses around, click for more products.

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