Sterilization Portable Wands-6417-40

AED65.00 inc. Vat

Product Name: hand held ultraviolet germicidal lamp
Product size: 122 * 32 * 15mm
Product gross weight: 70g net weight: 31G
Package size: 152 * 71 * 19mm
Outer box size: 585 * 310 * 380mm
Weight of the whole box: 22kg 300pcs (60 sets / floor, 5 floors in total)
Other parameters: CE FCC ROHS certification
The charging time is about 1 hour and the use time is 2.5 hours.
UV wavelength 270-280nm

Portable Sterilization Wands 6417-40

Household hand-held UV sterilizer / UV disinfection lamp UVC sterilization lamp mobile phone pet disinfection lamp sterilization lamp stick.
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