About Us


Join us today for the best events in UAE. We’ll have a great time running in Dubai and exploring the city together.

Our Vision:

A community that engages each other through movement, making for a healthier society both socially and physically.

Our Mission:

TBE exists to ignite everyone’s inner athlete, providing the best in class experience events for everyone regardless of ability, age, or background.T

Our Purpose:

To provide event platforms for everyone to experience the love of moving whether they are a participant, supporter, spectator or the community at large. We do so by removing barriers to participation, supporting the running community specifically today.



Start/Finish Line Management

Vendor Management

Volunteer Management

Registration/Customer Service

Course Management

Participant Good Procurement

Professional Staffing


We create only the highest quality experiences

At THE BABA EVENTS, the details matter. Across every event we touch, we want to ensure every detail is of the utmost quality. We strive to exceed our own expectations as well as those of each and every participant. And we want our event attendees, partners, and sponsors to come back to the next event for more.

We are in a constant state of innovation

An event can just be another event. But what truly sets an experience apart from the rest is an experience that is unique and memorable. THE BABA EVENTS creative process demands an innovative spin to your everyday experiences. We want our events to tell a story. We strive to create events to be the can’t-miss events of the year.

We bring the community together

Community is core to everything we do. We’re members of this community, and we strive to be actively involved. Our experiences bring people together and empower our participants to come out and try something new. Even at the partnership level, we work with partners big and small to ensure their events are unique, memorable, and successful, regardless of whether or not we manage them.

We are fun

At entry level, we want our events to be fun. Whether it’s a “fun run” or an Olympic qualifier, we want every participant to enjoy their experience and to walk away with a smile on their face. There’s a time and place for serious competition, but there’s also a time and place for cheers and finisher medals.

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