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Today, brands have become what people say they are. And what they say is based on their experiences with the brand. WE as branding agency, passionate about creating those memorable moments that help brands reach their audience and inspire real change.

What is it that motivates people to choose your product or service over and above someone else’s?  Your Brand – It’s your promise of quality. Brand is about so much more than just logo design, a creative name or graphical image. It represents your entire customer experience. The process should never be a time consuming or daunting one.

WE (The BABA Events) are a small, but our mighty design studio caters the region’s biggest and smallest companies and institutions. We care about what we do, and it shows in the work we’ve done. Our response time to clients’ needs is one of our best assets.

Holding an event is one thing, engaging the right people, delivering key value and messages with clarity and distinction is another. From brand identity and event branding, our rare clever creatives have worked with companies to captivate and inspire their audiences.

WE (Waseem Events) are able to supply an extensive range of promotional products and imprinted promotional items that utilize various methods of logo branding and product decoration. We have a comprehensive range of creative, digital, marketing and print services to offer which makes it a very simple process for you. Whether you are looking for a full rebrand, a brand refresh, creative concepts, a website build or other digital solutions, we approach every project with a clear vision of your business goals.

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