• We have various flag sizes and materials that can use depending on how you use them. All sizes are available for indoor and outdoor flags.
  • The size of your flag is an essential factor in selecting a suitable material. Flag experts agree that the flag should measure 1/4 to 1/3 of the height of the pole. A 12m flagpole would require a UAE flag size of 1.5×3 m and 2×4 m for daily use.
  • There are various types of flags like Aluminium, Fibre glass, Stainless steel and different types of materials are available in flag poles. You can book your order through thebaba.ae official site or through offline .

  • The Baba’s flag tailors can produce intricate flags by stitching together different material colors to create the desired design or adding detailed embroidery to embellish a flag.
Aluminium Flag Pole11
Aluminium Flag Pole
Fiber Fibre Glass Flag Pole4
Fibre Glass Flag Pole
Stainless Steel Flag Pole2
Stainless Steel Flag Pole
Galvanised Galvanized Iron Flag Pole2
Galvanised Iron Flag Pole
Wall Mounted Flag Poles5
Wall Mounted Flag Pole
Indoor Flag Pole
Indoor Flag Pole
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