• We have various flag sizes and materials that can use depending on how you use them. All sizes are available for indoor and outdoor flags.
  • The size of your flag is an essential factor in selecting a suitable material. Flag experts agree that the flag should measure 1/4 to 1/3 of the height of the pole. A 12m flagpole would require a UAE flag size of 1.5×3 m and 2×4 m for daily use.
  • There are various types of flags like Aluminium, Fibre glass, Stainless steel and different types of materials are available in flag poles. You can book your order through thebaba.ae official site or through offline .

  • The Baba’s flag tailors can produce intricate flags by stitching together different material colors to create the desired design or adding detailed embroidery to embellish a flag.
Aluminium Flag Pole11
Aluminium Flag Pole
Fiber Fibre Glass Flag Pole4
Fibre Glass Flag Pole
Stainless Steel Flag Pole2
Stainless Steel Flag Pole
Galvanised Galvanized Iron Flag Pole2
Galvanised Iron Flag Pole
Wall Mounted Flag Poles5
Wall Mounted Flag Pole
Indoor Flag Pole
Indoor Flag Pole

Things You Need To Know!

  • Flags come in all shapes and sizes. Flag poles are used for both decorative purposes as well as practical ones. For one, flagpoles help mark out territory or declare ownership. More specifically, flagpoles are used to raise national flags in the flag world.
  • Flags have specific height limits, so flag poles are often used to raise flags at particular heights, usually above 9 feet. Flag poles are also commonly used for decorative purposes. They can be used as focal points for a garden or yard or as extra seating for an outdoor event.
  • Flagpoles serve as attractive, decorative additions to a lawn or garden. The flag pole is an item which truly epitomizes patriotism.
  • It is an item that symbolizes our nation’s principles, how it was founded, and what it stands for. The flag pole itself can be decorated in many ways, from patriotic patterns to pictures of heroes.
  • The flag pole stands as a symbol of our nation, and it is often seen flying proudly in front yards, in neighborhoods, at public buildings, and in churches.
  • Flag poles are a symbol of so many things. From memorials to pride, flags represent so many different things. Flags are also used to celebrate, recognize, and support. One such way you can show your support is to purchase a flag pole. Flags come in different varieties, ranging from small to very large.

Flag poles are a great way to bring attention to any outdoor event and make it stand out from the crowd. For special occasions and events, such as Thebaba events, flag poles can be a great addition to create a unique and memorable atmosphere. Flag poles can also provide an inviting and exciting visual element. Having a flag pole at an event can mean the difference between an ordinary event and a truly remarkable one. There are many advantages of using flag poles for Thebaba events and this blog post aims to explore them in detail. Flag poles can be an effective tool to draw the guests’ attention and provide an attractive backdrop for any event. We will discuss how flag poles can be used to add color and texture to the occasion, as well as how they can be used to create a more formal and professional atmosphere. We will also be looking at how flag poles can be used for a variety of different types of Thebaba events, including weddings, birthdays, and annivers

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